I am really enjoying talking to those who call me from the www.sissyschool.com website. It’s like talking to a bunch of my girlfriends about shopping, boys and dressing up. It’s fun! But, it’s also fun to force feminize too …. it feel so powerful to make a “man” admit that he’s really not a man, and then make him be completely submissive to what I have in store for him – like, making him admit that he is a panty-wearing bitch! No matter what kind of sissy, I like talking to you all ….

Yesterday was fun, I got to talk to a lot of the sissies, and was able to do some good roleplays that I enjoyed and it seems yesterday was forced-bi day! I did a lot of calls about having to force a man to suck cock – that is so naughty!

I would love to actually have more guidance and completely shape a sissy from being a man, into a woman. I think it reminds me of doing a complete make-over – which is what I used to do to my girlfriends, and I still do that from time to time. But to do it on a man and completely transform him into a sissy seems like quite a project that I’d love to do!
I have been running around doing a lot of shopping lately, and will be taking calls tomorrow for sure. If you haven’t done a session with me yet, but want to – e-mail me and I will respond! spoiledbratangelica@yahoo.com