There’s something so sexy about sheer stockings – I really love them. I had a great call the other day where I they were the main thing I used in the fantasy. Stockings wrapped around his cock, stockings around his balls, stocking stuffed in his mouth – and those were the main component.   I love men who are into my legs because I can do so much with my legs. Tease them and rub them on their body – and not just my legs, but my feet as well.  High heels are so important to me too. All of that comes together in one big tease session. Which I do love!

With stockings, legs, feet, heels – I know how to tease a man with no mercy. I love to leave him panting and begging for more.  That’s the best way to have a man – wanting more and more.  I think it’s so easy to have a man completely at me, his Mistress, especially if I control him with my legs.

I’ve personally been able to bring down a man with just my legs alone, and I have to say that it has been a very sexy experience!   I love how silky stockings on my legs and feet feel on a man’s cock – it really is an awesome thing.

If you have stockings or a foot fetish – give me a call, I love to talk about it and I love to experience it with you in fantasy. It’s even fun if you have stockings with you and you can somehow rub them on yourself or wear them even!

Ms Angelica