I had a good call yesterday – I’ll call him “F”, or “eff” for “Effin’ eh, that was fun!”  I cock teased for a very long time on the phone, and he agreed to be My panty contributor.

Anyway, in addition, I cock teased this habitual masturbator until his balls were oh so blue and then I did let him cum. Wasn’t that nice of me? I do have a heart, after all, but that’s only after his insistent begging that I finally gave in and said ‘okay’ *rolls eyes* goooo ahead.

I had a good time teasing him, and so now it’s your turn. Your Princess is waiting for you.

Oh, and also, I had an enjoyable call after F.  This man loved to worship my feet and he was so polite – even in instant messenger. I enjoyed that he contacted me and wasn’t rude, didn’t take up a lot of time to state what he wanted in a fantasy and promptly called me – I loved it because there are some who tend to be rude, and take advantage.  Thankfully, I have a lot more courteous nice messages than anything!

Give your Princess a call!

M Angelica