Humiliation is really best in front of my girlfriends. Just recently, we got together my girlfriend and her boyfriend. He has a small penis and we decided it would be fun to humiliate him.

Why is Humiliation Best in Front of Girlfriends?

The more the merrier! As I was saying, we stripped down my girlfriend’s boyfriend of all his clothes. She had stated at a party I was hosting that he has a small penis, and I wanted to see this for himself. Mostly because he was in complete denial. I said, well let me be the judge of that.  So we had him strip. Turns out, he has a very small penis. A micro penis! Oh my god. I said, that has to be the finest little thing I have seen in a very long time. It looked like a button and me, and my girlfriends laughed at him. Turns out that he is going  to let her cuckold him. He has to. He has to let her feel what a big cock is like.

Why Humiliation in Numbers is Powerful

We can play judge and jury with you. When you are in the room and we are pointing at something on you – like your penis, or the fact we caught you in panties and we are going to dress you up more – it’s powerful. The more girls, the better. After all, you need to learn your place. It’s very valuable! This is especially if you are in denial about your penis size, or the fact that you are a sissy, or that your girlfriend REALLY is satisfied with you in bed – NOT! If you have five girls pointing out that you don’t have what it takes to be a  man, or that you are deserving to be serving women only, our case against you only gets stronger.