I do lots of humiliation calls – many, many humiliation calls.  I have found there are a zillion ways to really humiliate a guy – and to turn them on at the same time. The problem is when some call and say ,”Humiliate me”.   This is when I usually ask – how do you want to be humiliated?    If I do not know who you are or what your weaknesses are – then how can I humiliate you?

When you call or instant message me and you say you want to be humiliated – well, I’m going to ask you – what are your weaknesses? I don’t want to hear: Whatever my Mistress wants.  That’s not how it usually works.  Dominants don’t do WHATEVER they feel like it to submissives because usually, nine times out of ten, submissives have limitations.  If I say to you that I want you to wear panties and suck on a dildo – but that’s not really your weakness – I mean, that is not what is going to really make you  crumble and fall to your knees, now is it? But if you have a small penis – and you want me to make fun of that (which of course, I love to do anyway), then I certainly will!

So do us Mistresses a favor when you call – be a little more specific, we can’t read your mind and it certainly makes it so much easier for everyone when you know what you want.

– Angelica