It’s here! 2008 has arrived, and I’m looking forward to every minute.  So far,  to kick off the new year, I’ve had some great calls that involve feminizing, and it’s so fun playing dress-up!  I think there’s something fun about putting a guy in gucci shoes, and everything is so glamarous and extravagant that you HAVE to feel feminine wearing $500 shoes.

No cheap wal-mart clothes there, and what’s fun about wearing expensive clothes like that is to make you go and clean the house and threaten that if you get the clothing dirty, you will be severely punished. That sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Other than that, I’m having controlling cocks –   I have one in chastity and he sends me pics quite a bit of his locked cock, and he’s always wearing panties too.  It’s so funny – his chastity is secured in panties, and it’s always sticking out in the picture! LOL

I’m looking for some more loyal submissives, some who aren’t afraid to sign themselves over to me and keep up with assignments.  I think you will find, as a submissive, it’s a lot more gratifying to do things off our calls and be able to always think of me as you are doing them.  It doesn’t matter what kind of submissive you are – just keeping yourself in check with assignments is a good way to express that part of you.  If you are a femme sub, or a cock control sub, humiliation … it doesn’t matter!

Contact me if you have any questions, and let’s have some good phone sex sessions!

M. Angelica