Guided masturbation – you hear that term being flung around but what does it really mean?

Guided Masturbation – What is It?

To be guided means to be coached along in something, but in this case we are talking about masturbation. Guided masturbation can be looked at in 2 ways: role-play and instructions! Role play is great for guided masturbation since I am telling you a story. Instructions are good too since I am telling you exactly how to stroke your cock.

Will You Give Me Full Control?

GM is deliciously tied in with cock control. But, are you man enough to let me have control of that cock? And I mean FULL control? Which means if I decide to deny you, you will be denied and no ifs, ands, or buts about it. And that is the gamble of playing with a Mistress who wants full control of your cock. If you want to cum and eat it, of course, that is another option.

Roleplaying and Control

Guided masturbation and roleplaying can go together like peanut butter and jelly. It just works out so well. The phrase, guided masturbation, is really a blanketed term. You can technically call anything in phone sex that term, but how I interpret it is more about control. Role-playing that I control your cock and it belongs to me — and — I tell you when or when not to cum is very much control and can be done in a role-play.

I think a good guidance is what you need, and full full control to a dirty blonde like myself. I know you would love it.

Ms Angelica