I love Christmas!  I always look forward to dressing very sexy for my boyfriend – I like to wear red lingerie with a little white lace around it with white thigh high stockings, and red high heels.  Then, I like to do a little cock teasing dance for him. Last year, I started this with a guy I was dating about two weeks before Christmas – and twice a week or so, I’d dress up with a sexy outfit and cock tease him and wouldn’t let him cum until Christmas – in the evening.  So while we are all opening presents and everything, he has to wait all day long on Christmas day – and then I finally let him cum at night (if, of course, I felt he was a good boy!)  If not, he couldn’t cum until New Year’s Eve.

I love teasing – and I’m more of a sensual tease than anything, but I can get mean if pushed and provoked. I think a lot of women are that way, they are sweet – but then can get quite mean if you push them enough.  I say this because I’m always asked if I am a sensual or mean domme – I can really be both and have been!

I love to tease with my eyes, and I love to tease with my body. I have a lot of fun doing that and I find it to be very sexy and rewarding to do that because I know I have his complete attention if I keep him aching! (laughs)

I will be around all weekend to take your calls!

M. Angelica