Hello sissies and gurls! Feminization has been on my mind a lot these past few weeks and that’s because I am wanting to get my boyfriend more involved with it.

Cuckolding and Feminization?

As you all know, I have been cuckolding my boyfriend for quite some time. He has a small penis, which is why I made that decision in the first place – to cuckold him. I have put him in panties before, but we have not gone full-fledged femme before.

Going Full Femme

So what does full femme mean? I put some thought into it, and I figured it is a lot like when I go out on the town to a club. I put on my sexiest heels and dress and do the full make up. I do my hair in a sexy way and I’m usually dressed to kill. This is what I want to do with my boyfriend.

A Little About Him

My boyfriend is not super masculine. In fact, I think he could be quite passable if I did a good job! He sort of has gracile features and very soft longish hair. He has full lips and blue eyes. I know with the right make up, he’ll look super femme!

After Feminization, Then What?

Then, I’m going to go ahead and invite my lover again and get into what I love to do – cuckolding! I can just imagine him in a little lipstick too and how sexy that would look on those full lips of his. Love it!

So, yes, for 2017 – I’m going to explore more feminization for my boyfriend…. and see what comes of it!

M. Angelica