Feminization – it’s all about sexy, lingerie, and all things nice.

Feminization and Panties

I always think panties are a good start to feminization. It is the gateway article of clothing. Once you start wearing panties, then you graduate to other types of clothes I have found. I went and did some shopping last week at Victoria’s Secret and I was going through the racks of panties there. Oh my … I just love putting my fingers through all the satin, lace, and little bows.  As a sissy, Im sure you do too, right? Except for you, this all may be new as with me, I’ve been doing it for awhile.

Then, it’s Brassieres

Actually, there is a lot in between to buy then bras. You can buy slips, pantyhose, dresses, and all kinds of different lingeries. But nothing intimidates a sissy more than buying a bra. Buying a bra actually takes effort because you have to be measures. Some who have a little weight, or big chest muscles, could actually pass for a B cup. I’d say most are A cup, unless you are wearing silicone breast forms. My point is, buying a bra is a BIG step on the road to feminization.

What You Can Do Right Now In Sissy Town

The best way to start your collection is panties, lingerie and slips and the like. Just collect little things first. Get comfortable with them. Once you do that, graduating to the more difficult things will become easier such as bras or corsets, for example. Feminization can sometimes be harder than it looks, but it doesn’t have to be with the right guidance. This is where Mistresses come in! We are your feminization coach, but we are also your mentors and often times, your girlfriends.

So, let’s do some sissy stuff together.