Feminization – it’s always hard to break into, isn’t it? Especially if you want to go out and dress as a girl.

How to take the Right Steps Toward Feminization

It’s a building process! Say you really want to go out to that bar dressed up, but you are terrified. Well, the first thing to do is to go out and scope the place. Spend some time there in your day to day boy clothes and get comfortable with the atmosphere and observe what others are wearing. You are better off doing to a transgendered-friendly place than a biker bar, I can assure you! So take a look at the crowd the club or bar is attracting. Feminization certainly does take a lot of work.

Start Simple

You can wear your jeans and button up or polo shirt to the bar, but underneath, you can make the magic happen. Pull out your thigh high stockings and your panties and wear those, for example. You never know how the night is going to end up, and if you are looking to hook up with someone who is kinky, you’ll feel even sexier when you go to disrobe. Even if you don’t hook up with anyone, you’ll still feel so naughty and sexy drinking your martini in a room full of strangers.

Where to Go from There

After you have visited your new club of choice a few times, and you can see what everyone else is donning there  (perhaps there are a lot of crossdressers), then, you can feel comfortable about pushing yourself to start layering on more than just the panties. Maybe next time you can  wear a bra, and the the next visit after that, a skirt or, if that’s too quick, you can wear feminine style jeans, for example.


If you need a push or extra guidance, that’s what the Mistresses are for! We love feminization!

Mistress Angelica