I was recently put on a new site called Domination Hell – and I so love the concept and theme!  I think not many would argue on being in hell with me for eternity as I dominated them! lol

I would love to have several boys in hell with me as I cater to their many dreams and fetishes of a beautiful woman dominating them! It would be nice  to have a whole room of men with different things going on – one would be in bondage, another would have a butt plug up his ass, another would be experiencing CBT and I’d have one with panties, bra and a dress on! lol

I’m enjoying the calls I am receiving here because everyone is so different – and a plethora of fetishes I get to talk about. I hardly get the thing twice in one day… it’s so cool!

Just today, I’ve talked to a forced bi guy, a panty sissy, and one I got tease without mercy! I love my job!  If you are wanting to talk to someone who is diverse and can talk about a variety of subjects – you can always call me – I’ll talk about anything…

Give me a call – I will be around all weekend taking sessions and would love to  talk to you about what you love most – all those kinky fetishes you are into. And speaking of, I just got off the phone right now with a strap on boy. I’m trying to convince him to buy one so that his wife can use it on him. lol

Talk to you this weekend!

M. Angelica