I took phone sex calls this past weekend, and I was surprised at the amount of calls I received in where a lot of the men who wanted to be humiliated because they have small penises. I was shocked at how many actually have small penises and who call the line to be humiliated. I love to laugh about it and talk about different scenarios in which they will be humiliated.  There are some wild ones I can come with – or that the pindicks come up with. (laughs)

I also find that a lot of them (not all), typically like to wear panties. I imagine it’s because their little pencil cockettes are small enough to actually fit inside a pair of panties, and for the most part, it makes them feel like they have a clitoris anyway.

Then, there is another level to all this as well – if they have small cockettes – they usually feel quite useless in the sex department – as they should, and feel it necessary that they be taken by a strapon and/or end up being cuckolded (given they do have a full-time girlfriend).  I think it makes sense as you really do need to be useful for something – and since your dicklet is not it – it really should be your mouth, your ass-pussy, or your generosity in understanding that your girlfriend needs a much bigger cock than what you are offering.

If you are hung up about having a small cock – don’t despair! There is hope and use for you yet! And you can really, really make us girls laugh when we see it – I personally find it very entertaining!

M. Angelica