I recently got a call from a sissy who was wearing feminine clothes for about 10 weeks, and was looking for a new Mistress to pick up where the last left off as she left.  I have to say, I love giving assignments and I do like hearing back from My loyal sissies who tell Me they have done what I have told them to do.

If you have never gone shopping before, or have worn feminine clothing before – I usually like to start out relatively small, then work your way up. I suppose it would be like a sissy graduation – working yourself up from one level to another.  Plus, I like to see how far you will actually go and take this. *laughs*

I get a big thrill out of seeing how much I can push you to really get as feminine possible.

But even if you don’t want to experience this in reality, I do love to really fantasize with you that I am pushing you to becoming feminine, even to the extent of doing the surgical procedure in make you so.  Can you imagine yourself with breasts and a vagina? *laughs out loud*

Well, I love to push you to think like that – or at least plant the thought in your head.  😉

So, if you are considering becoming feminine – then make sure you decide if you want homework assignments, or not.  I will probably ask you, or make sure to be clear this is only a fantasy – or I will be sending out to buy panties, slips and bras!

Ms Angelica