Hey guys and cuckold fans!

I notice I do a ton of cuckold calls, and it’s probably because I personally talk about it so much. But I have also found that there are other elements that go well with cuckoldry like a side dish: cock control and feminization (and not necessarily both, but maybe one or the other).

Cock Control?

I think if you are being cuckolded, and you’re not getting sex, you are already under cock control. The only thing that might be missing is chastity…. and that can be easily arranged as well. I find that I love to put my boyfriend in chastity prior to going out on a date with one of my fuck toys, and when I come back he has been so desperate to get out of it, he’ll do anything!

Or Feminization?

Or maybe you are the type that likes to dress up because you feel ultra feminine anyway. Other cucks in my past, I have been known to slip them into a pair of panties, and perhaps even full dress to make them realize that their tiny, itty bitty clitty wasn’t ever worth my time!

What does Mistress Angelica do?

What I have done recently is more the chastity version with my boyfriend. Over the holidays, I’ve been quite busy getting fucked good by my bulls, and I have loved every minute of it. Poor Joe, my boyfriend, hasn’t really been laid lately and he’s be spending a lot of time in chastity lately. Poor Joe. But not really, he’s happy to have such a hot girlfriend that everyone wants…

So what’s your preference?

And Happy Holidays!

Mistress Angelica