I get many coerced sissification calls. I really have a lot of fun with them!

What is Coerced Sissification?

You already come to us as you are. A little bit of a sissy, right? It’s in you and you know it. This is where the coercion on our part begins. How we do it is up to both of us, really. It can be role-play, or, I can certainly make you take that first step to shopping, or, getting your nails done. It could be all of that too.

So Why are You a Sissy?

It’s just the way you were born, baby. Long ago, something got a little messed up in the hormones or what have you, and you ended up how you are. A little pansy, panty-wearing sissy. So why should you not be coerced to take it a little further?  You know that is how it’s supposed to be, right? I find most sissies have little dicks too. So, what else are you going to do anyway? It’s time to go the sissy route.

How to Start Being a Sissy

Most of you are confused when trying to go down the path of sissification.  Ms Angelica is here to make sure you get on the right path. First of all, how much sissy training is needed? I can always determine this for you if you are super lost. This is to put you on the right path to sissydom.

Usually this starts out with a little bit of interrogation. Asking questions and breaking you down. From here, paving the path is essential. Usually it’s to get you out shopping and wearing more feminine clothing. This is good for sissification! From there, we keep seeing where your stopping point is – if I even feel you need a stopping point. Want more sissification? You got it. Call us over at sissyschool.com.

M Angelica