Coerced cock sucking certainly has it’s place in the kink world because most of you are afraid to take that first step.

Coerced Cock Sucking

You might be one of those that is afraid to take that first initial step. You have thought about it a long time, you got close to doing it a couple of times, but didn’t. That’s where a Mistress like me comes in. I make you want to do it. I think it’s important that you explore your fantasies and sexuality and make them real. Besides, haven’t you always wanted a yummy thick hard cock to suck?

Where I Come In

I make you want to suck a cock through coercion. Making you want it. Then, I give you ideas on how to make this happen. I am here to guide and push you into it because you wanted it in the first place, right? Making it happen is much easier than you think it is. So easy, it’s a little dangerous because after that, you might want it all the time. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

You Know You Want It

How long have you been thinking about sucking cock? A long time, right? Too long. How many times did you come close to actually doing it? Maybe no experiences, but maybe a few close ones. Well, now is the time. You know you want to be on your knees with that gorgeous, thick juicy cock in your mouth. You are salivating over it right now. You’d love to be involved in that cock sucking. In your head, you are a cock sucker. Perhaps you should practice first, and I can help you with that too.

What To Do

Give me a call and I will be glad to tell you what you have to do, and yes, I will talk you into it. You are going to want to be sucking on a cock before you get off the phone with me, and yes, you will love the experience.

M Angelica