Recently, I had my guy in a chastity device and he really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it as well! I love the power of knowing my guy is in chastity and knowing that what is locked up in the hard plastic device is all mine.  It’s secure from his masturbating hand or other women. (Not that I worry about other women, but, it is an extra power trip).

The Wicked Trifecta

Now just being locked up in chastity can get monotonous unless you keep your creativity going! We have experimented with him sucking cock before but not while he was in a chastity device. So, I decided to mix it up: chastity, bisexuality and cuckoldry.  Such a wicked mix if you ask me! I  asked one of our neighbors to come over and have a drink with us, and what resulted was my chaste guy on his knees sucking on the neighbor’s cock and loving every minute of it! I told my dear boyfriend he had to get him hard for me so that I could have the most amazing sex I have had in a long while. *laughs*

Oh my poor boyfriend, there, on his knees – in chastity – sucking a cock and knowing full well that he was not even going to enjoy my pussy was torture for him. It’s that combination of hate and love for him, excitement and jealousy, passion and submissiveness. Wanting to take control of the situation, but, he can’t. Nothing he could say would make me stop.

So, do you love that combination? Have you been in such a situation or would you like to be? I’d love to hear about it!

I am around from Friday – Saturday then off for Easter Sunday, but back on Monday! Find me then!


Ms Angelica