Whenever I say CBT, people think cognitive behavioral therapy. I guess CBT could apply to some level to this, but what I am really talking about is cock and ball torture.

So What is CBT?

It sounds frightening, right? Well it can be depending, but for this post, we are going to avoid the grotesque. I think CBT can be rather sensual and erotic if we let it be. Cock and ball torture can have light tapping on the balls, and on the cock with various instruments and it can also apply to edging over and over again.

What Kind of Instruments?

There are always tools of the trade for everything, including for CBT. What I typically ask that you bring for a CBT call are a variety of household things. Things like a shoestring or small rope for cock bondage, rubber bands, ice, lubrication, clothespins or some kind of clamps, and a spatula or small paddle. That’s it!  You can always improvise if you don’t have the exact items I mentioned above, and of course, you are free to be creative in what you bring to the CBT table.

Do I Do it to My Guy?

As a Dominatrix, I always get asked if I do a variety of things in real life to my guy. In most instances, yes, I do, and in the case of CBT – yes I do it to my guy. We don’t do it every week, because we love variety. But, I recently embarked in this type of session with him off and on for two hours – and it was really fun and sexy! He loves having his cock tied up and I have a special little paddle that I spank his cock and balls with.

So you are welcome to also experience this spa-day CBT session with me. Just make sure you bring your tools required to make it happen!

Ms Angelica