CBT – every partake of it? If not, and you love a little pain and cock control, this is for you!

CBT Explained

Cock and ball torture. It’s a great way to really experience, first hand, a Mistress’ control, especially long distance. So why would a submissive want to beat their cock and balls? Many reasons. Some feel the need to be punished for a variety of reasons. One of which, you are just  too damn small. You can’t satisfy a woman, you don’t have what it  takes to be a REAL MAN in the definition of what a real man is. So, what’s left? You beat yourself for being so effeminate. Also, it’s a good way to make a Mistress laugh for us to see you beat your little tiny nuts to submission. Also, some men think they are deserving of it because they chased women, they were rude to women, and what was the source of that? Their balls, of course. There are too many men walking around thinking with their balls, and not their brains. It’s an issue.

How to Conduct A CBT Session

It’s simple, really. Have the instruments in place to do one and call a Mistress. What I usually like to see is a variety of implements. Paddles, spatulas, wooden spoons, rubber bands, small rope, clamps are a good start. The wartenburg wheel is another nice device too. You can roll it’s spiky steeled probes right up and down that cock. Really, you don’t have to be concerned with whether your cock is small or not. If you have a big one, and you deserve punishment, rest assured that I will want to punish that too.

A punished cock makes for a good submissive male.

More questions about this type of session? Email me and ask.

Mistress Angelica