Summer is so fun for body worship. Why? Pool boys.

Body Worship and the Tan

Pool boys are awesome for body worship in that they can be such a useful tool for putting suntan lotion on and kissing me all over my body. Not only that, if they are a bartender, it makes it even better. Fancy drinks can be served to me as well as little tea sandwiches. All while I am working on my tan and my submissive pool boy is there with a snap of my fingers.

How I Like to Be Kissed

Slowly and seductively. It’s in your best interest to please me because if you are good, I will cock tease you later and maybe let you cum. So as you can see, it’s really best if you make me happy! Slow kisses, and taking your time up and down my body is how I like it. Do you think you can handle that? Of course, you can.

Being Submissive Wins You Points

The only thing I like alpha males for is fucking. Plain and simple. Submissives are actually way more useful to me in a variety of ways and don’t argue or butt heads with me. If you try, you are probably not 100% submissive. So don’t get it twisted! Check your attitude at the door, and you can be my sweet pool boy who worships me all summer long. Your Mistress will be very pleased!

You also might get more of what you want by being submissive to me. Have you ever heard the term you can catch more flies with honey? That’s the way you can capture the heart of a Mistress, in case you didn’t know.

Talk to you soon! Mistress Angelica