I just got off a call where I was teasing someone and I got to squeeze his balls as I straddled him in panties and lingerie. It was a lot of fun and very sexy. I love to tease. I love to draw it out to the point that he is sweating, and begging me. I just can’t help myself! I’m such a princess! (giggles)

The thing about women is that we love to have sex, but we don’t suffer if we don’t get to cum. I mean, yes, it’s absolutely awesome – but we don’t get backed up.  I mean, we can go YEARS without sex – we do it because we love it, not out of necessity because our balls are soooo full. So, I think, that’s what makes it fun – women just have more control – meaning, we have more control over YOU. (laughs)

Now isn’t that cruel? hee hee!  I love being a woman, and I love being a cock teaser.  What else do I love – I love cuckold, chastity, forced bi, bondage, you worshipping me, CBT – pretty much, it all goes back to you teasing me and you suffering a bit. Will I let you release? I suppose that depends on how much control you really decide to give me, but all in all, I really do love to string it out, and I will let you cum. Eventually. It’s best, though, that you let me have my way with you how I want and when I want. This will grant you more points!

I’ll be taking calls all day! Look for me!