A Mistress is there for you for a multitude of reasons. There are also some things a dominant woman will NOT fulfill.

Reasons You Need a Mistress

There are many reasons you might call on a dominant woman. First things first, you are a submissive and are unable to find a dominant woman in your life. You need the escape, and you need the release of letting a sexy woman call the shots for you. Fair enough. What about serving Her needs? As a submissive coming into a D/s relationship, it is imperative you ask Her what she needs. What does she enjoy?  What can you do to make Her day better? It is important that all of your needs and Her needs are met. Otherwise, it’s not a true D/s relationship.

Communication with Your Mistress

Communication is essential! Also, READ her profile before calling and get a sense of who she is. Lately, I’ve noticed a rash of callers calling me “baby,” and wanting me to moan and groan on a call. This is not the kind of phone sex I provide. As a Dominant, I am in control and listen to YOU moan, mostly because you are my slut and I have turned you into one. If you want to have a successful relationship with a Mistress, the best way to do it is to start with a level of respect. Make sure you ask questions and get to know your Mistress and what her boundaries are. Your boundaries are also important here.

If you can follow these simple rules, you will have a good relationship with your Mistress. It’s very important! If you are very lost, you can also email her to ask her questions as well. This also helps improve communication, and she can always look back on your email.