What would you like for Christmas? Wouldn’t a Mistress be nice?

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for …

Domination! This is the best time to let yourself go.  Why am I talking about Christmas so early especially since Thanksgiving hasn’t passed yet? Priorities! And you have to have priorities to set. It’s important that you give to your Mistress, which means giving of unto yourself. I always hear how natural submissives try to get away from there fantasy, and it always comes back stronger than before. Have you noticed this? Of the few years I have done it, I always have.

Why is it Important to Give in to Your Submissiveness?

If you have been pushing back your submissiveness to a Mistress, why haven’t you given in? Expressing your submissive nature is therapeutic and important.  If you try to suppress this part of yourself, it’s only going to come on stronger in the future. So now that you have that knowledge, you can now understand why it’s important to listen to your desires and give in.

Holiday Roleplay with Your Mistress

I always love this time of year because all the best role-plays come out:  the office Christmas party humiliation extravaganza, the cross-dressing Ms. Claus, the 25 days of Chastity. It’s fun to get creative with it! If you have any ideas of your own, I would love to hear all about it. There are always new things I don’t hear about every year, so be sure to let us know.

You can always contact me by email at angelica@enchantrixempire.com for questions and ideas. Remember, don’t hide your desires from your Mistress! We always have a way of teasing it out of you if we need to. We love to hear about all your kinky stories and ideas. Domination is something you can’t run away from.