I can’t believe summer is already here! Of course, the sexual par-tay has been ramped up around here! I decided to put my boyfriend in chastity for about two weeks as I went on a sexual romp with a couple of lovers that I love fucking. I love make my boyfriend beg, and beg, and beg to cum. Cuckolding mixed with tease and denial is a powerful cocktail! 😀


Chastity and Denial

I recently bought this new chastity device called the bird cage, and I went ahead and bought a lock with a couple of keys. I have a sexy gold anklet that I wear around my ankle at all times and I never take it off. Not even if I am in the shower, working out, or at the beach. The keys dangle off this anklet and I have noticed it makes a fine little charm anklet, really. But, I often have giggled to myself wondering – what if I am skipping around on the beach and oopsie! The anklet falls into the Pacific Ocean, and my dear boyfriend can’t get out of the device without having to somehow saw it off of him. Talk about denial! But, the anklet seems to hang on to my sexy leg and doesn’t let go ….

To Sissy or Not?

I often wonder if I should start making my boyfriend more of a sissy at least one time, just for the hell of it, and the power I posses over him. I mean, maybe a little lipstick, some panties, a bra -all while he has to wait for me at home as I am out making him my little cuckold! I think a little feminization would be fun!

I will be taking calls this weekend!

M. Angelica!