I had a great Christmas, and now I’m back!  It was a lot of fun to relax, and I got a lot of gifts.   For Christmas, I got a gift certificate to go to a local salon, and I’m thinking I’m going to get a pedicure.  Which got me to thinking, I really do love having my feet pampered and played with – and yesterday, I got a really nice call which involved a lot of fantasy about him worshipping my feet.  I think it would be ideal to have someone around to give the perfect pedicures all the time and massage my feet whenever I needed it.   Not only that, I love shoes and I love jewelry that adorn feet such as toe rings, and ankle bracelets. I think they are so hot!  On the call yesterday though, he was really into foot worship and everything that goes with it – and I found that incredibly sexy!

I like to think that I’m sweet and nice, but I do enjoy being pampered. I just can’t help it!

With that pampering comes massages – full body ones – with oils or lotions.  Every boyfriend that I have had always must give these to me, and I’ve never, not once, got a complaint or a denial. I wonder why? ;)  I teach them where and how to touch me, and they are so attentive, and eager to learn. If they were very good at it — the oils would be used on them, if you know what I mean. But that’s where I would cock tease them. I’ll leave it to your imagination. 😉

I’m soooo excited for the arrival of 2008!  I will still be around this year, to take phone sex calls and to learn more fascinating things about all my guys! Let’s have a fun year together…