Curiously enough, I get asked this question a lot:  Are you into forced bi?  And my response is: Hell yeah!  Then, the question that usually follows is : Why?

Because – what’s hotter than two sissies, or even men, going at it in front of me – I mean being really impaled on one another?  I mean to me, if I got you to do that, that is incredibly hot to me!  So, yes, I do enjoy forced bi very much … I like pushing your limits, you know.

It’s been awful cold here in upstate New York – and what better way to spend it than give Ms Angelica a call and warm your ass with a paddle, or a dildo … or just warm your cock with your own pussy hands. (laughs “pussy hands”).

I love to hear you moan and squirm when you are doing a number of things for me – I think it’s very hot!  Just the other day, on a call, I had a guy moaning so loud I thought he was going to wake his neighbors! And he came so hard, I thought he might bust his nuts – literally. (laughs)  All my stroker boys are such horny little bitches and I love it.  Don’t forget, I love to tease you with videos that I find on sites – I think it’s quite hot to make you watch a woman going down on a guy – giving him a blowjob, and guess what? It’s not happening to you.  And that’s what I love about it – the ultimate tease of making you watch porn while I talk to you about it.  I think it’s a lot of fun!

Catch you later, strokers!