Well, I’m back! I’ve been here and there, but I’m just coming up for air to tell you about my summer. So busy and a little bit of a travel I did this summer. Summer is not over yet, and neither are my adventures!

So, since I have been back, I noticed I have been getting a lot of calls that involve my body. Well, body worship. And I say, hell yeah! Worship that body, boy! I love body worship! And I also love talking to you about you worshipping my body.

A Shout Out To A Submissive

One of my body worshippers who has called recently loves to watch porn with me. I’ve been doing that a lot also lately, too. Queue up the porn, guys – I love to watch it with you. So, I watched A on Skype recently, and he loves CBT – you know, a little fun with that, and we also watch porn together too. LOTS of merciless cock teasing. I think you get a feeling for what I like now, right? I also tell him my stories of what I have been up to sexually speaking. How much I get cock, how, if I were there with him with many of my girlfriends – how we’d all take turns teasing him and torturing him in a fun way, of course.


So I will be on a trip tomorrow, unless plans change, with my lover. I’ve been working so hard this summer that I need it. And yes, he’s black. Oh my is he black and big? I’ve been dating him all summer long, and it’s been a summer to remember!  So I will be around for calls today, but then I’ll more than likely be back on Friday or Saturday to tell you what we did.  I bet you’re looking forward to it, aren’t you? 😉

M. Angelica