Hi everyone,

I always get forced bi calls where I hear about guys wanting to go and suck other guys. I’m pretty sure happens, but I’ve yet to see it on a cam.  What I would like to see is it actually happening – a guy going down another right in front of me on cam. Wouldn’t you like to show Mistress Angelica what a nice cocksucker you really are? By getting down on your knees and doing it front of your blonde princess? *giggles*

I would like to help to arrange the whole thing – such as telling you what to wear, and you getting in the position of doing it – helping you along, helping you train – and then you getting to your actual goal of sucking a nice BIG one !   Mmmmm, and I’d love to be responsible for you sucking your first cock, or even your 20th, as long as I get to watch.  I think that would be super hot.  I like to watch two guys go down on one another – but I still haven’t seen any of my callers do it yet.  Wouldn’t you just love to impress Me?

Anyhow, I still like to talk with you about it, even fantasizing and roleplaying is okay by me.  I really love to talk about it and even push you to do the real thing if I can.  😉

Give me a call soon, and let’s talk about good you can suck cock for your Mistress Angelica. Bye cocksuckers!

Ms Angelica