I couldn’t believe what I saw yesterday when I took a day to go to the pool. I saw a man who was wearing very short tight, tight swimming trunks, and I’m not even sure if he had a penis! I saw a little tiny bulge there and I had to giggle because he didn’t leave much to the imagination! I mean, what a teeney weenie!  I really made me laugh. He kept looking at me too and I was smiling at him, but only because I was giggling, not because I was coming on to him. What struck me as really funny was when he came over and tried to strike up a conversation with me. I mean, come on! Like I would be into him?

Anyway, the small weenie boy tried to impress me by diving in the pool and then he’d crawl out and I’d see a widdle, tiny bump in his pants. It was so hard trying to contain myself the whole entire time.  It made me wonder it he was into small penis humiliation, but the subject never came up. I’m sure if I keep seeing him, it will at some point. (laughs)

If you have a small little pecker, don’t wear tight swim trunks if you don’t want to be laughed at. Unless, of course, that is your whole point in the first place.  I wondered if he went home and jerked off to my incessant giggling.

I’m taking calls to make fun of your small penis and to tease you if you so dare to take on the challenge!

M. Angelica