Hello again jerk offs,

Thank you for the comments! I did have a lot of fun with that guy whom I teased, and of course, he’s STILL calling me. No. I have not given in to him yet.
The whole point of me teasing is that you have to work to cum – your cumming is your reward! *laughs wickedly* Of course, there are some boys who don’t always deserve that reward!

So, about my tonya…. inquiring minds want to know. Tonya loves CBT, and he loves it when I make him squirm and cry, and basically dress up like a slut. He typically lets me watch him on cam, and I get to play with him quite periodically. I have to say, though, that my most favorite thing he has done to date is eat cat food for me. Oh yes! Of course, my little cat food eater suggested this first and I immediately agreed that this is something he must do for me. He has also bought dog food, (mighty dog brand dog food, I must be exact) and has eaten that too in front of me on cam. Also, he has taken a milk bone, stuffed it in his mouth as he fucked himself silly with a dildo.

Who is more loyal than that so far? No one. I doubt any of you guys can beat that!

Later jerk offs!! Princess Angelica