Lately, I have lots of calls where I get to watch guys stroke their cock on cam – it’s been very sexy to turn on my messenger and have them send me their cam link.  Some of them have small penises and love humiliation, while others have nice big ones that I can get excited by as well!   It’s fun to watch and instruct, and sometimes we have fantasies too. I love how they are very into it. I like to see them stroke to cam.

The other day, I had someone want me to watch them on cam and we went through a cuckold fantasy.  He became very excited as I told him that I would love to fuck a big black man right in front of him! (giggles!)  It was so gratifying for him to know that I could be pleased by such a bigger cock than his own, and it was great playing his wife. I think I have mentioned before that cuckold calls are on my favorites anyway, and then watching someone get excited on cam as we share a story is even more fun!

I have been off lately, I’m going to take calls tomorrow. Its been very pretty in upstate New York with the weather becoming warm, – I planted flowers in my front yard and I wore a cute little skirt outside and I’m sure some of the older neighbor men saw me too.  It’s fun to tease.

I will hear from some of you tomorrow – and maybe you can be on cam for me too!

M. Angelica