I love to cuckold in real life, and I love to talk about cuckolding on the phone.  Is it such a powerful thing to partake in because I know I have power over my cuckold – how do I have power? Well, for starters, you’re not fucking me – HE is, and chances are if he is fucking me – it must mean you have a teensy insy little cock, right? Otherwise, I’d be fucking you!  (laughs).

Just imagine it. You sitting there and watching as I get fucked – and you’re not. Sucks to be you!  And since I am such a princess, I love to have the biggest, thickest cock that I can find.  Also, I like to have big balls slapping up against me because that can only mean one thing! Cream pie for you!  And you know you’d love to lick my creamy pussy, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, if you want to talk about cuckolding, I’d love to discuss it with you.  If you are being cuckolded in real life, even better – I love to hear all of what’s happening.   I think all little dicked men should be humiliated and cuckolded – I mean, really, it’s the only hope you have going for you, and the fact you can’t please women – you really should know that, right?

So if you want to talk about cuckolding, I’m the girl for you! I’d love to talk about how much you love to give cream pies, and how much you love that I take really big cock right in front of you and then you beg for that scrumptious cream pie