What is life like for a cuckold? I get lots of cuckold calls and lots of questions about how to handle such a lifestyle.

Don’t Back Peddle!

Life for a cuckold can be satisfying and grueling all at the same time. What I find especially fascinating though is that some of the cucks who come to me say they introduced their wives or girlfriends to the lifestyle. Then, when they woman takes interest and starts fucking other men, I’ll get a phone call that they didn’t know it would go that far. Really? You are the one who introduced her to the whole cuckoldry life in the first place!

Why Be a Cuckold in the First Place?

It could be many reasons – but usually, the culprit is the fact that you might have a small cock. Or, maybe you can’t perform anymore. Maybe you were just bad in bed in the first place. Pre-ejaculation is also a huge factor. Whatever the reason you can’t perform, don’t want to perform, or maybe you were just a sissy in the first place – that’s usually why a cuck will fantasize about living such a life of wanting his woman to fuck other men.

Trust Me – She Wants It

Okay, some women won’t be into the idea of cuckolding their men. A lot of them though may fantasize about being with other men, or may be open to the idea in real life altogether! Growing up, I always heard about the fact that it’s the size that doesn’t matter but how it’s used. No way! I can tell you for a fact that having a small cock won’t get you ANYWHERE. Women need size and girth. Simple as that. We love to control the cock, but to fuck it on a regular basis, we want it to be big. I can not have an orgasm on a small cock – believe me, I’ve tried!

If you have any questions about cuckoldry you know who to contact: Mistress Angelica, that’s who!

M. Angelica