Hello Strokers!

It’s your Mistress Angelica back saying that winter is on the way, and that means all the hot girls of summer will be hiding their legs and bodies back in their winter clothes.  I say, it’s time for you to come in by the fireplace and I will be wearing some sexy lingerie for you – thigh high stockings – and sensual clothing that will cock tease you into a sweat. Oh, I know how to warm up a winter!

I thought I would plant that little idea into your head.

I had a great sexy texting session the other day – an nice online erotic chat where I cybered with a guy who loved to have his cock teased, so I made sure to tell him a hot story. He loved it because he came back later and we did another session as well.

So what is your Mistress Angelica up to? Well, I am getting ready for fall, and I back taking classes in psychology where I can learn to really mind fuck you 🙂 I’m also having fun dating two guys at once – and neither one of them know of the other – which is how a very naughty princess like me loves it! So is that considered cuckolding or not? *cocks head to the side and twirls my blonde hair*   hee hee!  I don’t know!

And that is what brainy girls do, we always try to find a way to one up you and keep you on your toes, and your cock hard.  That is what I really love!

Make sure to give your Princess a phone sex call soon~

kisses! Angelica