Wow, I’ve been so busy this summer with cuckolding that I have not had time to blog! It’s been black cock, cuckolding, and dressing up my boyfriend like a sissy to show him where he stands in my world!

Chastity and Sissy

Which reminds me – just yesterday, I had a great long call with a sissy where he was sucking a dildo, watching videos and wearing a brassiere and panty girdle. What a sissy! I laughed at him and trained him to stay in the place and then, I locked him up in chastity for extra fun.

I thought it was a great combination – and he did too!

Do you like Cuckolding?

So back to the big black cock and cuckoldry. Do you like cuckolding? I have found that I get a lot of calls where I counsel guys on cuckolding. And I love it! Questions like: How do I get started? How do I approach my wife or girlfriend? Is it okay that I am jealous? What will be expected of me?

These questions about cuckolding are very important. You have to really think about your position, and what you will be doing. Will you like cream pies? What about sucking cock yourself?

Cuckolding, Counseling You

And this is why I am here! I love to answer questions geared toward these topics because they are super important to consider. So if you are on the fence about certain issues regarding cuckolding, or, maybe you are already in the lifestyle and are in a sticky situation – call me and I’ll talk you through it !

I love to counsel people on it. In fact, I think it’s one of those important topics because now cuckolding is SO common, many of my calls center around it.

Now, sexy cuckolds, you have some homework and thinking to do. And then you can pick up the phone and give your Cuckold Mistress a call.

M. Angelica