I just got off a call where I saw the smallest cock on webcam I think I have ever seen!  What I thought was hilarious was that he kept asking if I would have sex with him. What?  I mean, are you serious?  I’m sure it was a big lead in to me flat out denying him – but it was sooo funny!  I would never have sex with someone who was under 7 inches – no way!

I have to admit  I like seeing these small little peckers because I know I can get a good laugh in. Plus, it’s so hard to believe someone is SO small! I love to humiliate a small cock like that. If you have a small cock and you really think you can please a woman, you really need to think again!

But if you do have a cam and you feel like showing your very tiny pecker to me – go right ahead! I’d love to see it, and I’d love to get a good laugh out of it as well. I think the smallest I have ever since is 2 inches – so if you think you have a smaller one than that – go ahead and  let me see it! I’d like to see you top that. Perhaps I should have the smallest weenie contest and I will let you know if you have won or not when you are on the phone with me.

Give me a call and pull out your weiner for a good roasting.  Call for good phone sex humiliation!