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Sissy Duties

As a sissy, have you ever thought about how you can serve a Mistress?  What are your goals for serving your Mistress, and what should they be?

How You Can Be a Better Sissy for Your Mistress

There are several things you can do to be a better sissy for your Mistress. One is to be a good sissy maid, dress up for her, look pretty for her and serve her. How you can serve her depends on her needs. She might ask you to do her laundry, clean her house for her, maybe even suck her lover’s cock. Whatever talents you bring is what your Mistress can use. Are you good to be cuckolded? Maybe paying for her dates? Cream pies? Cock sucking also might be your talent!

Dressing for Your Mistress

Do you already have a wardrobe? How does your Mistress want you to dress? If your Mistress wants you to dress as a sissy maid, then you need to be trained like a sissy and get a sissy maid uniform. Perhaps she wants you to dress in frilly outfits where you look like a Lolita. Maybe you will be dressing like a slut donned in fishnet stockings. Perhaps it will be all of the above!  Whatever she wants you to dress like, you should be ready and excited!

Serving Her

Ask her how she would like to be served. If she is leaving it up to you, here are some ideas: draw her bath for her, give her a body massage, offer to do all chores in the house. Other things like doing her shopping for her, picking up the dry cleaning, taking her dog to the groomers. Anything to make her life easier is how you should serve. If it comes to you licking her pussy, or sucking her strap on, then so be it. Your life as a submissive is to serve.



1 comment to Sissy Duties

  • Hmmmm, it seems that above all, a sissy’s duty overall is to look to her Mistress for guidance and direction. Sissy servitude can be a joyous occupation when taken seriously. There are truly so many ways that one can blossom as they learn new skills and develop them over time. Just remember, a proud Mistress is a Mistress who will certainly be keen to show you off in front of her girlfriends!

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