Ah, Valentine’s Day. My favorite day that leads to sissification.

I just came from the nail salon this morning and got my nails done with some hearts on it. Which leads me to my next subject: sissies.

How Do I Love Sissification

Let me count the ways. I love sending sissies to nail salons. It’s actually a hobby of mine, trying to pack as many sissies to nail salons across this great nation of ours, so you can also wear fake acrylic nails with red or pink nail polish. I think nail salons are perfect for this kind of display.

Next Up Is

Panty shopping! Every American mall has a nail salon and a Victoria’s Secret, a sissy‘s favorite. It’s very important that you go shopping on your own. This is all a part of the sissification process if you can actually freely go shopping and get the things that you need to get for yourself. Then, bra shopping. Every sissy needs a bra.

Why is Being a Sissy Necessary to Some

Because you are feminine. Either if you are looking feminine, or acting feminine, that is what you are. So you must definitely be sissified to some extent! Some boys were just born to be girls, what can I say?

How do I Love to Sissify

I love to dress boys up and that’s there is to it. Not all boys. The alpha male types don’t need to be feminized, just the effeminate little bitches. If you are one, then you know, yes, you know.

So if you are looking for someone to feminize you, you know exactly who to get a hold of; me! I will give you assignments ,and I will also do role-play with you.

Talk to you soon!

Mistress Angelica