Last night, I had a fun phone call with a sissy who loves to say a creed and announce her mantra to be about being an very obedient sissy. It’s quite long and really spells how how much she loves to serve a Goddess.  I think all sissies should have such a mantra and a creed to tell their Goddess upon serving them!

I love to dress a sissy up – it sort of reminds me of when I used to play with barbies and I’d put different outfits on my doll depending on what mood I was in.  It didn’t matter because the doll didn’t have say so or feelings – so I could do whatever I wanted.   Such is the case with sissies as well.  It shouldn’t necessarily matter what they want for as long as you want to dress them up as you like.  I love to dress them up in various ways – in tutus, in maid uniforms, slutty, in business secretary attire. It’s like playing with dolls all over again, but these dolls happen to breathe and move on demand without you have to bend their legs or arms.

I do love watching sissies on cam.  So if you do have a cam, it would be nice to see you all dressed up and I can tell you exactly what I want to see you wear.  If you call and have clothes, be sure to tell me exactly what you have so that I can dress you up and make you into what I want you to be exactly!

Call Me so we can play dress up and I can laugh and have fun!

Ms Angelica