It’s bikini for sissies! That means you need be ready for it. So what does that mean anyway?

Bikini Ready For Sissies

If you love bikinis, then you should be bikini ready. This means, completely waxing off all your hair on your body. Legs, chest, underarms, even your toes. Everything must go. You have to be silky smooth. Whatever means you go through to remove the hair is what you should do. Nair, waxing, shaving or using an epilator are all options you can do.

Once you remove all the hair, perhaps it’s time to go to a tanning bed if you need one. That’s only to get a little color on your skin if you so wish.

Manis, Pedis, and Polish – Oh My!

Manicures and pedicures are a necessity during bikini season. No gloves or anything is covering up those toes or fingers! You can either learn how to do this yourself by watching videos or trail and error, or you can go to a nail salon and get all this done. It’s much easier to go in and get your nails done rather than doing them yourself and doing a sloppy job.

Plus, you can get such fun colors – pink, turquoise, red, or any peach colors – whatever works for summer.

Getting Your Hair Summer-Ready

Highlights are the way to go, or you can even do pink stripes or purple stripes. Anything for the sissies, right? And it’s also important to go ahead and get a cute hair cut – it can be short, a bob, or maybe layered. Or, you can always buy a variety of wigs so you can be whomever you want to be! In the summer, our hair gets more lightened especially if you are at the beach a lot (like me), and you can have a nice bleach-blonde done to your hair.


The bikinis are important! You’ll want to find the right fit and style for you, and color for you. If you have all the above things taken care of, your bikini will be the icing on the cake! Then, you will have all the boyfriends you need to suck cock, flirt, have fun or just be an all-around sissy for your Mistress for the summer!

Have fun! Have a great summer! And have lots of phone sex!