Public Keyhole Tease!

There is a first for everything and I was so worked up over a particular call the other day that I took on a pseudo dare that was presented to me.

 This call came through on skype via his ipad out in the real world where he had a pair of pink panties on under his pants and we were just doing some dirty talk as he walked around a grocery store.  Little by little, I talked him into pulling those panties out a little of his pants above the waist band, then bend over to grab items off a bottom shelf when the soccer moms were in the aisle shopping.  I laughed as I saw the expressions on a woman’s face when they saw his panties! He was so humiliated that he shut down and ran out.  Well two hours later he calls back and thanks me and leaves a virtual bouquet. He told me all about it how it was such a rush for him to get busted that he came in his panties out in the car.

We got to talking and he asked if I ever purposely showed my panties in public, I laughed and said, not intentionally, but I am sure I did.  He then dared me and I just laughed at him.

Well the next morning I was still a little horny about that call.  I did my usual morning routine, then as I reached into my panty drawer, I grabbed these black and grey satin panties with that nice keyhole in the back.  You know what I am talking about? That teasing little hole right above the ass? I slid them on and damn did my perfect ass look so good and they felt so good – my clit was tingling.

Next was the low rise jeans and a shirt that just made it to the waist band, but rather than a grocery store, Mistress went to one of those big home building stores. There were lots of guys walking around and following my fine ass, and once I had one locked on, I would crouch down and let my shirt ride up and let the panties pop out.  The reactions were priceless! I was so horny, that when I got home, I had to get my body wand vibrator out and cum and cum for an hour.

I want to know how you would react if you saw my sexy panties sticking out of the back of my low rise jeans? Come on you sexy pervs, I know how many of you have told me how you search for that perfect panty shot and I want to hear all about it 🙂


And Big J, this pic is for you,  for the inspiration:



angelica8  Mistress Angelica!