I love sexy texting sessions! Just the other day I had a really fantastic one while I was sipping on a glass of wine, and wearing my favorite purple lace panties.

What Are Sexy Texting Sessions?

If you are shy, these sessions are perfect for you. This is also great if you want to read over past sessions over and over. If you get on yahoo or Skype, you can have a texting session with one of us about whatever you want. Check out our site here. It’s nice if you purchase plenty of time, so we have time to actually go over a nice, in-depth text session. I love the ones that we can role-play out, or even talk about issues you are having. Sometimes it’s good to type out if you are having sexual issues and need someone to talk this over with.

Need Quiet Time?

Sometimes you might be stuck at work, or, you have people in your house. You can quietly have a texting session without anyone hearing you. It’s perfect! I think a lot of guys love to be cock teased while they are at work, or they are wearing panties. So with a text session, you are able to keep it on the down low all while getting turned on. It’s very exciting! Even for me.

What You Do

For a text session, make sure to go to sexytexting.com, and select a Mistress who is available. Then, message her wherever she does her text sessions:  Skype or yahoo. Usually Skype since it runs way more smoothly. After, purchase the time you want. The times are listed right on the site. Once you have done so, tell the Mistress and she will get it verified and voila! You can begin your erotic text session.

Then, save it. You can always look back on it later.