I managed to get out a couple of days last week with my boyfriend – of which we both so desperately needed. Cali, right now, is a mess and I think everyone has lost their collective minds. So – we took off to a small town. You’re not going to believe what happened.

Everywhere I go, There I am – And I’m Naughty

So I go to this small town in Southern California near one of the many national parks we have, and me and my boyfriend are in this small little restaurant – nothing special. Hardly anyone was there and it was like a ghost town. We are there, eating and having a beer. In comes this really hot guy and he sits to a table near us. We make small chit chat with him, and pretty soon, he’s sitting at our table eating with us. So what ends up happening is – the guy, whose name is Tony, starts flirting with me. I think he picked up on the fact that my boyfriend is a beta male – because he tested the waters first. Well, to make a long story short — he came back to our hotel with us and I had sex with him.

Now – before you start launching bombs at me about covid-19 – I’ll explain. I had initially said no, even with him coming to the table – but he was carrying around this paper with a recent test that said he was negative. So….. I went ahead and let him in. lol. I mean, to the table … and later that night, he definitely was let in. 

Cucking a Beta Boy

I’m the kind of girl that has many boyfriends. Right now, three. Sometimes I’m with my more alpha guys that I was quarantined with – but this time, I was with my submissive and so it all worked out. When I got back to the hotel …. I was sure to show Tony, my new friend, a good time. My boyfriend? Well he just sat in the chair at the table in the motel and watched. Tony brought out his 8 inch cock and wow! Did he fuck me good!

The fun part? My deviant submissive boyfriend SET IT ALL UP.  Turns out – Tony is a friend of his that works with him and they hadn’t told me until AFTER the sex was over. I could be upset – but, Tony’s cock was to die for – and my boyfriend KNEW I’d react that way.

I’ll be punishing him later though for this. 😉

M. Angelica