Hi boys,

It’s Princess Angelica, I know, I know – I have not been being a good mistress and keeping you all aware of my bad girl doings. But, it was summer and I was having a lot of fun.  I was laughing the other day as I watching the news here in Southern Cali, and all the talk of the drought and dryness but yet my pussy is always wet and you guys with your dirty stories always play a part of that.

Tell Me All About it Panty Boy

I love love love when you guys actually tell me deep things like how you got turned onto panties as a boy, was it your step-moms you found or a neighbors?  When you tell me about the details and bring me back to that day 30 years ago when you found a pair of satin of nylon panties sitting in the dryer still warm, and you touched them for the first time, and how it just became something to where you got up early every weekend to find and wear and play with before anyone else got up and knew what you were doing? So sexy, so hot I love the honesty!

Another sexy one is the first time you saw a Mistress and you explain how nervous you were ringing the bell to her home or taking the elevator up to the dungeon.  One caller described how he went to a house in NYC his first time and they sat in him a room and one by one he could hear the heels click on the wood floor as one Mistress at a time walked in to talk to him and about his fetishes for a few minutes so he could decide.

He was telling me each one was more beautiful than the next and by the 5th, one he was all tongue tied and so hard he was lost in who to choose.   I still laugh thinking about that power these women have over you and they haven’t even tied you up and put you in panties yet.

What is Your Sexual Fetish?

So what is your trigger?  What is that one thing that made you want to delve deep into your fetish?  I want to know… I love to hear that nervousness in your voice as you tell me, maybe we can role-play it again let you live out that moment that started your spiral of kinkiness.

Call me and if you have a desire for me to watch you on Skype we can play there also.  I will say if its instruction or dress up Skype is great but often when building a a fantasy role play it sometimes tends to be a distraction as you don’t always  have the freedom to close your eyes and drift into a trance state and allow yourself to go into that creative spot in your mind.


Looking forward to speaking with you!

M. Angelica