Hi 🙂

I was able to talk to a panty thief the other day who really loves to steal panties. He works for a company that I won’t mention, but it’s in the entertainment sector. He steals panties from various ladies and when he calls me, he turns on his cam and I always find him with a pair of panties on his head as if he’s wearing a surgical mask! lol   He has his eye on another woman in which he will steal panties from next, and I’m sure he will do it – he must have a dozen pair or something like that. I call him ‘tinkerbell’ for reasons I will not fully explain – but that’s what he is – a fairy that steals women’s panties in the middle of the night. Naughty boy! He is such a panty boy!

I have a new desperate slut who’s been calling me – I’ll call him K. I gave K the assignment to go shop for panties today, and tell the lady at that counter that they are for him.  He seems quite interested in also being a cocksucker – and it looks as if Mistress Angelica will be leading the way for him on that!

I just love my panty boys and cocksuckers – it seems there is always one on the horizon for me to force more into the direction they want to go.  lol It’s always my pleasure to do so.

I will be in and out this weekend – but I’ll be around doing calls – so look for me or e-mail me. 🙂

M Angelica