I live in upstate New York where it gets very cold here – and I know a lot of boys who actually wax and wear feminine clothing underneath their winter clothes because they can cover it up more easily. I think this is funny.  A lot of sissy boys know what I do – that I take calls and talk to other sissy boys – so this is how I come to know what femmy boys actually do in the winter and in their private lives. They tell me.  I think that they love to tell me too and I like to give them assignments as to what to do.

When I get calls for sissies – I love to do roleplay, and I love to give instructions and assignment. But I do think my most favorite calls is when I can see them on cam! I think that is so awesome to see that happen because I can actually see what they are wearing. And I can tell them exactly what to wear too – which I love.  But the real fun begins when I can actually see them using their own toys. Dildos, strapons and all kinds of fun things that they can use on themselves!

And it’s funny to hear them beg about cumming too – and fun to hear about how much they would love to suck on a real man’s cock.  Panty boys don’t do all I explained above – but, a lot are willing to go that extra mile to please me and to make me giggle.

Give me a call!