Oh my god.  Well, I told panty boy pervert yesterday that I would blog about him, and indeed here I am.  I got a call yesterday from him and he was wearing panty hose and jerking off while watching porn.  He was expecting his girlfriend and friends to come home, so he made sure he was jerking off – and all he wanted to do was get caught. What jerk off! I admit to being a voyeur, but he was far MORE perverted.  I laughed at him while he was pumping his cock, and the more I laughed – the more he pumped feverishly.

I have been having fun on all my calls – but the sissy ones sure do make me laugh sometimes – especially if they love to be humiliated.

Humiliation – I love to do. I love to dress boys in panties and stockings and make them prance around – oh it does indeed make me laugh! The way I see it is that you are here for my entertainment, anyway – so what better way then to dress up in lingerie and put on a nice show?

I also did a great online erotic text session with a frilly sissy who loved it that I am her keeper and I dress her up like a little girl. Isn’t that cute? And she was also made to perform for me while wearing lacy dresses and things like that.

I am going to take this day to go out and shop for some sexy shoes for a date I have later on.  I will be back tomorrow morning to take your phone sex calls!