Hi everyone!

If you check out any of the sites I am on: sissyschool.com, cockcontrol.com – you will see that I had some new pictures taken of me recently and I want you to check those out. I think they came out pretty well. That day when I had the photos taken – the photographer was clearly into me.  I was cock teasing him like crazy as I posing for the camera – I knew I had given him a hard on. When he wanted my phone number, I just smiled – I gave him it to him for “professional” reasons, but I already know what he has in mind.  😉

Still, during the whole shoot – when I showed him my legs, and ass – I could tell by his eyes he was very turned on by me. A couple of times, I even gave him the “jerk off” sign and it made him laugh. Yeah, I’m spunky like that.  But, if he thinks hes going to have my body – he has another thing coming – I will cock tease him fiercely!

I am taking calls all day – so give me a call and tell me what you think of the pics. I’d love to hear it! It’s been a long time coming and I’m glad I had them done.

Also, while you stop by, I will also cock tease you as well – so be ready for that! If you are wanting an erotic phone sex call, give me a call – I’ll be sure to drive you crazy.

Give me a call!

M Angelica