I really do like all sorts of calls – but I really do enjoy cuckold calls, forced bi calls and I love feminization.  I guess you could say with all of that, I do love humiliation. I also enjoy cock control calls too ….

But, if I have to be REALLY honest, I think I do enjoy hearing a guy really getting into it. I love hearing that I’m turning them on, or that what I am saying is exciting them to the maximum. That’s what I like to hear on the phone, and that you are truly enjoying it.  I also do enjoy watching people on cam because I classify myself as a voyeur. Watching what you are doing, and see what toys you are using are a great fascination for me. Plus, I love to see the crossdressers and watch what they are doing, and what they have on. I do love to tell them what to wear and how to put on make-up.  I get a big kick out of watching them, and then turning them into sissified girlies.

The reason I’m writing up this blog is because I am forever asked what I like – well now you know – that I like to watch, and that I like to hear 😉    I know there are lots of quiet guys on the phone, and shy ones – and that’s okay too.  A good imagination is always great as well.

I will be taking calls into the evening, as well as this Super Bowl weekend – so I will see you there!

M Angelica